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Artikel 1. Definitionen

  1. beCHARGE ist eine Marke von Prepaid Company, einem Unternehmen von PRIMMO CONSEIL.
  2. Alle Käufe, die von Dritten (nachstehend als “der Käufer” bezeichnet) bei beCHARGE getätigt werden, unterliegen den nachfolgend aufgeführten allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für den Verkauf (nachstehend als “die Konditionen” bezeichnet).
  3. Mit der Aufgabe einer Bestellung bei beCHARGE akzeptiert der Käufer diese Verkaufskonditionen.
  4. Sollten eine oder mehrere Klauseln dieser allgemeinen Konditionen geändert oder annulliert werden, hat dies keine Auswirkungen auf die anderen Bestimmungen, die gültig bleiben.

Article 2. Offers

  1. beCHARGE's offers are firm and valid for the offer period indicated
  2. Orders are placed by on-line order form completed by the purchaser. The order implies the purchaser's acceptance of the offer which is tantamount to a purchase contract. The order is considered to be accepted by beCHARGE when the payment is made.
  3. The minimum age of a person wishing to place an order with and make a payment to beCHARGE is that provided by law Below this age, an adult relative of the purchaser must give his/her consent and confirm the purchase.
  4. The descriptions and specifications of the recharge cards are based on the information provided by the manufacturer of the product in question.

Article 3. Prices

  1. The prices listed for the products and services offered are in Euro, including VAT where applicable.

Article 4. Delivery

  1. Delivery is made by email to the address indicated in the order.
  2. beCHARGE can cancel a sale at any time if the product ordered is (temporarily) unavailable, unless the purchaser accepts delivery of a product of comparable price and quality.

Article 5. Payment, suspension and settlement

  1. Delivery is made only against the advance payment. Payment is made by the purchaser by the method indicated in the order.
  2. beCHARGE is under no obligation whatsoever if the purchaser does not pay the price of the order.
  3. For international recharges, the customer must give the number that needs to be topped up. NB: beCHARGE will not reimburse the customer if the latter gives the wrong number.

Article 6. Ownership rights

  1. Ownership of the products supplied by beCHARGE is transferred to the customer only on payment to beCHARGE of the price owed.
  2. The risk relating to the product is transferred to the purchaser on the physical delivery of the product, even if the entire sum the purchaser owes beCHARGE has not been paid.
  3. The purchaser cannot transfer, lease or exchange the product in any way whatsoever until he or she has assumed ownership of the same, without express written authorisation from beCHARGE or in any way contrary to the supplier's and /or service provider's terms and conditions of use.

Article 7. The guarantee

  1. The purchaser must confirm that the product is the one ordered on delivery. If this is not the case, the purchaser must immediately (at least after a reasonable time necessary to examine it), inform beCHARGE of this by post or email. After this reasonable time, the purchaser will no longer be entitled to change the product. Any product or service used, even partially, cannot be returned or reimbursed.
  2. The guarantees given by beCHARGE are always and only those of the manufacturer or service provider.

Article 8. Supremacy

  1. beCHARGE can suspend or cancel the execution of the order at any time, after informing the purchaser in writing, without beCHARGE being liable to pay any compensation whatsoever, save where ethics or the law require.

Article 9. Claims

  1. In the event of a claim, the consumer must first contact beCHARGE by post, fax or any other form of written communication, setting out the reasons for the claim. beCHARGE will deal with claims within 30 days of receipt. To do this, beCHARGE may request more information on the consumer (e.g. copy of identity card, copy of credit card). If beCHARGE cannot deal with the claim within 30 days of receiving it, a letter will be sent to the consumer informing him / her of this.

Article 10. Liability and damages

  1. For international recharges, the customer must give the number in question. NB: beCHARGE will not reimburse the customer if the latter gives the wrong number. In the event of a technical error attributable to beCHARGE, the customer will be reimbursed. For international recharges, the operator of the country of the prepay card to be recharged may have temporary technical problems at the moment the customer makes the purchase and the card may not be recharged at that precise moment. In this case, beCHARGE will contact the customer and the operator to resolve the problem as quickly as possible in order that the recharge can go through.

Article 11. Protection of privacy

  1. beCHARGE processes all data provided to it according to applicable law, in particular the law on the protection of identity and may, in accordance with this law, use personal details on purchasers in automated processing operations.
  2. The details provided to beCHARGE by purchasers are used strictly for the purposes of the order and beCHARGE's business management as explained to the consumer. Details may be provided to third parties if this is necessary for the purposes of the order.

Article 12. Other provisions

  1. beCHARGE may use third parties to execute the order or for the purchase of a product.
  2. For any order or purchase made from beCHARGE, and any dispute relating to these general terms and conditions, only Belgian law applies.
  3. For any disputes, the Brussels commercial court has sole jurisdiction.
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